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Do you have Kung Fu?

Kung Fu!  Being child of the 70's,  these words evoke images of shirtless chinese men in white paints, shouting poorly-sync'ed insults at each other, before launching into gravity-defying leaps and astounding feats that beggar belief.  But did you know that Kung Fu is something that everyone can attain, and not just through the martial arts?

Tea Master GongFu
(Credit:Bernt Rostad)

When you apply your sincere effort, every day, over a period of years, you are growing your Kung Fu. You might be a writer, a chef, a painter, a dancer, a scholar or a warrior, Kung Fu is the pinnacle of your art or craft. It is like laying down a sheet of paper every day: after years you have a ream that can not be torn asunder.

The heights of Kung Fu, no matter what discipline, are of seemingly super-human ability. Kung Fu of words can accomplish what an army of 10,000 cannot. Chefs with Kung Fu can heal the body and heart. Martial Artists with Kung Fu can live to be more than 100 years old. The abilities manifested with GongFu in each art are not always predictable, and can be surprising. Those abilities can amaze the masses, but can also be so subtle that not 1 in a million will notice.

In order to develop your own Kung Fu, you must commit yourself daily to your art.  Don't be lazy!  Sacrifice time that you'd spend in front of the TV or computer honing your craft.  Most of all, when things are hardest, do not give up!  That is when your Kung Fu is being tested, and will be stronger yet.

Chuang Tzu said, "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life!" Though achieving Kung Fu means hard effort, throughout your life, it is a labor of love. After each day in my own practice I feel renewed, content; as if I have met my responsiblities to my maker. Find your Kung Fu, work at it daily. Its rewards are boundless, and if you achieve the highest Kung Fu, you will change the world!